Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Reasons I Can't Wait For Hank Haney's Book on Tiger Woods

The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods will be released March 27.
1. After years of Tiger’s short, curt answers to media questions revealing little about him as a person, it’ll be interesting and compelling to read Haney’s observations.
2. What’s with Woods' fascination with the Navy SEALS? Haney talks about Woods taking parachute drops and undergoing SEALS-like training. Oh yeah, his pops was a Green Beret, so maybe there’s something to this story.
3. For years, everybody disregarded Woods’ treatment of people and kissed his posterior as he was piling up victories and Major championships. Haney supposedly spills the beans on Tiger’s rudeness and cheapness. Hey, he even made Haney pick up the tab for takeout, according to excerpts leaked from the book.
4. I can’t wait for Tiger’s press conference at Augusta National  when some poor slug asks him to comment on the book. The famous Tiger stare and then who knows what follows. Get ready for some fireworks.
5. Despite all the pre-release attention given to Haney’s observations on Woods’ boorish behavior, there’s got to be something in the book about golf instruction and guiding Tiger to unparalleled levels, right?

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  1. Tiger woods is a hero for me and I am his biggest fan. I have watched him play since i was young and I developed an interest in the game because of this man.