Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Golf Channel's David Feherty: He's Just Not That Funny

Is it just me or is David Feherty-- who hosts an interview show on the Golf Channel-- not that funny and a bit of a boor?
In his bio on the Golf Channel website he’s described this way: “Thanks to a sharp wit and colorful personality, David has become golf’s most irrepressible personality and viewer favorite.”
Uh, he’s not really a favorite with this viewer.
While Feherty has an outstanding line-up of guests—everybody from golfers Sergio Garcia and Michelle Wie to instructor extraordinaire Butch Harmon and NBA basketball icon Bill Russell—his constant antics and quips typically fall flat making the show difficult to watch at times.
Feherty tries too hard to make people laugh with an endless series of sight gags, cheesy pratfalls and self-depricating skits. He’s like some desperate lounge act comedian in Las Vegas trying to entertain a bunch of bored, drunken conventioneers.
Apparently, Feherty has watched too many Conan O’Brien and David Letterman shows. His hopelessly unfunny skits such as dressing up like a matador and running from a bull in bullring in Spain while he was there interviewing Garcia and jumping into a fountain on the Stanford University campus during the Wie interview come off like some Letterman wannabe stunts.
I’m not a big fan of Feherty’s interview skills, either, because he attempts too many goofy quips and detracts from his guests.
That said, I’ll continue to watch because his guests are fascinating and Feherty does somehow manage to draw interesting stories and insights from them.
Please Feherty, you’re no Conan or David.
Stop trying to act like them and just do a good solid interview. 
It’ll provide easier viewing for all of us.


  1. Phew! I thought I was the only one. Every time I watch Feherty on his own show or wherever I inevitably wind up thinking, "Am I missing something?" At first I thought it was a Mars/Venus thing but he seems as popular with women as with men. I think when it comes to golf there's just very little humor out there. So he's it. The thing is to be good comedy must be natural... and as you mention, Feherty's work always seems painfully contrived.

    Anyway it's reassuring to find someone else who's not drinking the Feherty Kool-Aid. I alway enjoy your blog!

    1. Feherty suffers from over exposure. He also thinks because he is Irish that he is a naturally gifted story teller and comedian--which is just not true. He has one eye on the mirror or camera--sort of like Tom Hanks or Tom Cruise. He should take comedy lessons from Anthony Burdain or Bill Murray...the giants he is only a pale shadow of.........really dave, give it a rest. Or go back to drinking. Just leave us to the golf. And your commercials are even more stupid. Go back to Ireland and sit in a couple pubs and try to brush up on your authenticity! Giallo, as we say in Northern Italy.......big john harper

  2. Somebody please throw Feherty some one-liners. Everytime the announcers in the tower at a PGA Tour event throw it to "David on the course" I cringe. If a desperate comic with no game is entertainment, I don't want to listen. Great comment Patricia.

  3. David Feherty was never funny. Not even drunk. He is one of those people that can't just do analysis but has to insinuate his FUNNY like the wear-out Kenny Mayne, and a whole list of jock lozer want to be comedians. just pathetic. I wish Feherty would go back to Londonderry or County Claire or Shannon or the Cliffs of Dover. He is day is done. Old people like that are not funny. See Eric Andre....only a few genius's can maintain, Richard lewis, larry david, jerry Seinfeld. Oh, and their mot Jock wannabe comedians.........Feherety Sucks. bad.

    1. John, As bad as Feherty is, nobody and I mean nobody is as bad as Kenny Mayne.

    2. i agree wholeheartedly with that. nobody beats that guy.