Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Links Magazine Top 100 List Ranks High

I’m generally not a big fan of golf course ranking lists. They’re a bit like trying to pick who’s more beautiful—Jessica Alba or Jessica Biel.
Whistling Straits is No. 32 on Links 100 U.S. Rankings
Uh, it really can't be done. Although I like Jessica...
That said, I like the new concept Links Magazine is employing that gives its readers a say in their rankings. While Links’ list, called the Links 100,  still uses the usual suspects for a panel like writers, golf architects, superintendents, club pros and the like, they’re allowing their readers to participate via a web-based system that allows readers to cast a ballot.
Links readers can create their own personal Top 100 list on the magazine’s website, archive it, then return and edit it as they play other courses.
It’s a great idea.

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