Sunday, August 19, 2012

10 Annoying Things About Golf Travel

For the past twenty-four years I've spanned the globe to write about golf destinations and resorts.

It's a great life that combines my two favorite passions, golf and travel.

That said, there are a few things along the way that really annoy me.

1. Airlines that charge to transport clubs--These bloodsuckers will do anything to increase revenue. I'm not surprised they stick it to golfers. I mean, these are the same people that frown when you ask for an extra bag of peanuts or pretzels.

2. Surcharges to play resort headliner courses--They use their high-profile, world renowned course in promotions to get you on their property. Upon arrival, you either fork over the extra money to play the big-name course or else you've traveled all that way for nothing.

3. Outdated guest rooms--How come all the old, musty, outdated rooms that haven't been renovated are conveniently excluded from the photo gallery on their web-site or in advertising brochures. 

4. Worthless websites--A surprising number of resorts don't update their websites consistently. Consequently, it's difficult to research "what's new" at the resort you're considering.

5. Lazy slow play enforcers--There's nothing worse than sleepy "Course Ambassadors", who don't know how to police slow play. These clueless dimwits allow more lawbreakers (slow play) than Barney Fife.

6. Bunker rakes in golf carts--Many people forget to take it off the cart and it contributes greatly to slow play. Hey resorts, puhleeese, just place the rakes by the bunkers.

7. Terrible driving ranges--Amazingly, some luxury resorts have ranges that are mere afterthoughts where you hit off ragged turf, or, even worse, mats. If  I see a mat, I don't even bother to practice. It's not worth it.

8. Questionable club storage--You ask for your clubs and twenty minutes later they have an army of assistant pros and cart boys scouring through their totally disorganized club storage area.

9. Crappy rental clubs--Sorry, a set of dinged up clubs that look like they just escaped from a garage sale does not constitute a rental set. In case you haven't heard, the airlines are sticking it to travelers who want to bring their clubs (see #1), so there are more people wanting rentals.

10. The $4 (or more) bottle of water--It's bad enough you make all that revenue on surcharges and overpriced logo merchandise. The final indignity is wildly overcharging for a bottle of water. At $4, I can get a case of water at Sam's Club upon my return home.