Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Annoying Golf Televison Cliches

Like most golfers, I watch lots of golf on television. 

I'll even watch tournaments with the insufferable Chris Berman at the mike, so you know I'm either dedicated or nuts.

Regardless of who's at the microphone, the instant a golf telecast starts, the cliches start rattling off faster than balls flying off mats by hackers at 2-for-1 bucket night at the local driving range.

Here are ten of the most tired and overused cliches that annoy The Golf Travel Guru:

1. "Better than most."--Gary Koch

2. "The pageantry, the majesty, the beauty of the Masters."--Jim Nantz

3. "The Masters, a tradition like no other."--Jim Nantz

4. "You'll never know how good of shot that was."--Mark Rolfing

5. "Tiger's on the prowl."--Just about every golf announcer with a microphone

6. "There's a fried egg."--Chris Berman, king of the cliches

7. "Looks like a bad lie, back to you Johnny."--Roger Maltbie

8. "What a courageous shot."--Ian Baker-Finch

9. "It's in the hole"--Boozed up golf fans at the tee box on par five hole, followed up, of course, by the obligatory "You da man."

10. "It's a 4-metal, not a 4-wood."--Johnny Miller

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