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A highly entertaining speech that's packed with high-impact visuals, the presentation is designed to inform and educate tourism organizations, travel agents, meeting planners and travelers about the golf traveler, arguably, the most desired vacationer in the travel industry.


"The session Ed participated in was entitled: "Understanding the travel behavior, trends and spending habits of golf tourists." It was well received. Initial feedback we received was extremely positive with many conference delegates recognizing the demographic profiles and issues that golf travelers consider when traveling to destinations. Your presentation also highlighted the importance of service excellence and the changing trends in the travel behavior of golfers who are now mainly Millennials looking for different experiences."--Sugen Pillay, Commercial Director, Reed Travel Exhibitions, conference director of Sports & Events Tourism Exchange Conference, Pretoria, South Africa.

"Ed is an exceptional speaker with phenomenal knowledge about golf travel around the world," Tobs Cohen, president of Kenya Golf Safaris, Travel & Events.

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