Thursday, March 31, 2016

10 Masters Tournament Don'ts

Here are 10 things you absolutely shouldn't do if you want to be an honorable fan, I mean patron:

1. Don't refer to your fellow spectators as fans. At the Masters they're always called "patrons".

2. If you're tired and want to lay down for a spell. Don't. It's bad manners and etiquette to sprawl out and take a nap on the lush green grass.

3. Don't take off your shoes and go barefootin'. It's a bad look and bad form at the Masters.

4. Don't wear your hat backwards like a rapper. In 2011, Rickie Fowler was asked to turn his hat around before a pre-tournament press conference.

5. Don't run. Once again, it's bad manners and etiquette to try and beat your fellow patrons in a foot race to the next hole.

6. No cell phones. Leave it in the car whether it's a practice round or tournament day. If you think you're the one person to sneak it in, think again, the metal detectors are just like the ones at the airport. Cameras, however, are allowed on practice round days (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

7. Don't try and scalp tickets. Anyone caught selling or handing off tickets within a 2,700 foot barrier around the Augusta National could face misdemeanor charges.

8. Don't ask for autographs on the golf course, only in the parking lot.

9. Don't bring strollers, selfie sticks or periscopes.

10. Don't tip. Tipping is frowned upon at Augusta National.


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