Monday, July 10, 2017

10 Amazing Golf Superstitions and Quirky Situations

The Guru has teed it up around the world with all sorts of golfers. There are, of course, differences in golf courses, cultural attitudes and drink choices at the 19th hole. (I love a chilled Vinho Verde wine in Portugal and a frosty Tsingtao in China after a round). 

One thing that seems to be universal, though, are the crazy superstitions and quirky behaviors golfers display no matter where you are in the world.

Here are 10 of my favorite ones:

1.  Never drink a beer on the first hole. It implies you're not serious about golf. The Guru always waits to the second hole for some swing oil.

2. Don't use crappy, cheap balls or range balls when facing a water hazard off the tee--It's just bad karma. Range balls, especially.

3. If you find a person's ball out of bounds while looking for yours, don't use it in that round. It may have a tendency to find out of bounds frequently.

4. Don't yell "it's in the hole" when you see your ball tracking towards the hole for a hole-in-one. Remember, the ball can hear you and it likes to do the opposite of your command.

5. Don't stand with your shadow in someone else's putting line. Shadows somehow make people miss putts. Yeah, sure.

6. Never say out loud, "I hope I don't hit it in the water" because you inevitably will. That phrase creates some sort of magnet effect.

7. Don't carry more than one extra ball in your pocket. It's bad vibes and puts the idea in your head that you EXPECT to lose balls.

8. Always wear a lucky color shirt. They work. Just ask Jack Nicklaus-Yellow, Gary Player-Black, Tiger Woods-Red and Rickie Fowler-Orange.

9. You should always mark your ball consistently with either heads or tails on your coin. Don't go back and forth.

10. Always take your hat off when shaking hands after a round. It's not necessarily bad karma-- you just want to be a gentleman and show sportsmanship and not come off as some sort of rube.

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