Meet The Golf Travel Guru

Yeah, yeah, I know term the Guru is a bit pretentious, but I think I’ve earned the moniker through hard work and, well, traveling the globe for nearly three decades visiting golf resorts and destinations and writing about them.
I started playing golf as a kid at Mohawk Golf Course in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was a tree laden muni layout with shaggy greens and more Joe Golfers than Joseph Golfers. Back then, playing with my older brothers and friends, golf was pretty much a blood sport. We used to wrestle in the bunkers when we perceived cheating or some other injustice by another player.

My first introduction to people who really took golf seriously was actually through baseball, believe it or not. During my teens, I was the visitor’s clubhouse boy for the Tulsa Oilers minor league baseball team (a farm team of the St. Louis Cardinals) and I marveled at how many of the pitchers loved to tee it up between starts. They exhibited a true passion for golf and something clicked and I became more enamored with the game, too.

Fast forward, I attended and graduated from the University of Tulsa. Forget student loans, I worked my ass off at virtually every job you can imagine. My college work resume included fork lift driver, flower delivery guy, grocery store clerk, assistant to an English professor, house painter and newspaper delivery person to name a few. My degree is in speech communications with a minor in hops and barley.

After graduation, I worked for a city magazine and ran the valet service for a large Las Vegas style nightclub (Ziegfield’s) in Tulsa. During that time I met and spoke with all types of big name entertainers like Rodney Daingerfield, Larry Gatlin and Leon Russell. 

I’m a big high risk/high reward guy on the links and often carry that over to my personal life. I bolted Oklahoma in the mid-1980s (my wife and I sold pretty much everything we owned) to work in Heidelberg, Germany as a travel writer for various American publications.

While in Europe, my travel writing career took off as I wrote about everything from “Shopping in Milan” to “Bass Fishing in Spain”. I got into golf travel writing in an odd sort of way. One of my editors offered me an assignment writing about golf in Mallorca. I’d never written a single word about golf, but accepted anyway. Uh, after spending a week on the courses and at the beach in Ibiza, I quickly realized golf writing was a pretty solid gig. 

We moved to Orlando in the mid-1980s and I absolutely love the city. It has been great to me on a personal and professional level. I’ve written thousands of articles and columns, three books and worked on a freelance basis for great companies like Golfweek, Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. My byline has appeared in Golf Magazine, Travel & Leisure Golf, Robb Report, Spa Magazine, Islands Magazine and numerous other publications. I've interviewed a Who's Who list of golf icons including Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Gary Player, Nancy Lopez and Payne Stewart to name a few.

When Tiger Woods arrived on the scene in 1996, the golf world exploded in so many ways. I started writing feverishly about new golf courses, golf communities and golf travel destinations. Like many in the golf industry, I thank Tiger for propelling the game to a new level on and off the course.

I started this blog on a whim five years ago when I realized I had a lot more to say than what I was writing in magazines and on other sites. Little did I know that so many people are interested in golf travel. The site has attracted more than 850,000 visitors since my very first post. To say I’m amazed and appreciative would be a vast understatement. Interesting, too, is that some of my readers don’t know a golf ball from a tennis ball. They just seem to like my writing style.

The Golf Travel Guru Blog is my way of giving back and imparting the knowledge about golf travel I’ve gained from circling the globe for the past 30 years. It's probably no surprise I’ve played in golf travel havens like Scotland and Ireland numerous times, but I’ve also teed it up in exotic locals like Kenya, Morocco, China and The Canary islands to name a few.

Thanks for taking the time to read about The Golf Travel Guru. Enjoy my blog and I hope to see you on a fairway one of these days.

All the best...



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    1. Thanks for your interest in my site, Michael. Please contact me through my twitter @golftravelguy and we can discuss.

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  5. Hi there from Pitlochry, Perthshire....,
    Your thoughts on booking early for 2014 Ryder Cup are correct, however I can not help but feel you have ommitted a shout out for the vast array of smaller Bed & Breakfast accommodations Scotland has - such as our own Beinn Bhracaigh ( The properties are often equal in standard to many hotels, but operate on a smaller scale where the emphasis is on a more personal service. Yes it would be fair to say that B&B's do not have the vast array of facilities you would expect with a larger corporate hotel, however if this is less important than getting a real `Scottish` experience to remember for many years, I do suggest a `Google` for Bed & Breakfast accommodation using the appropriate filters, possibly also with `Trip Advisor` feedback comments in tandem, may be a better way to go?



  6. Mr. Watts,
    Thanks for your comment. I do mention "boutique hotels and B&B's" in my "Arrange Your Own Trip" segment. However, I must admit, only passingly. I appreciate you pointing that out. In the next few months I'll post a Ryder Cup piece on smaller hotels and B&B's. I have followed you on Twitter so I'll try and keep updated about your property. Thanks for your interest.

    The Golf Travel Guru

  7. Ed,

    I love your site, and I'm about to launch my own blog. When you began yours, how did you create/get advertising on your site? Your advice/help is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

    Adam Joyce

  8. Great site, would love to play the new TPC Bahamas course with you. Shoot me an email when you decide to come down here, im a member of The Ocean Club and can set us up to play there too. Simon

  9. Simon, Thanks for the compliment about my site. Hopefully, we can tee it up at the new TPC someday soon. All the best. Hit'em straight.

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